3/8" Cotton Woven Clothing Labels

3/8" Cotton Woven Clothing Labels

Beautifully display your business identity with our elegant 3/8” cotton woven labels. Delicate fonts and tasteful hues are intricately woven using 100% cotton to create a pleasingly soft, yet splendidly durable garment tag that exudes refinement and simplicity.

13 styles to choose from, an expedited ordering process, and an extremely low price make these fabric labels a great way to distinctly label your exclusive products.

Providing sophisticated product identification, these 3/8” cotton woven labels feature a well-proportioned arrangement that subtly impresses everyone who sees it.

Options Include:
Personalized color selection from numerous available shades.
Iron-on or sew-in backing selection. (Note: We are unable to accept responsibility for fabric tolerances. Check beforehand when ordering Iron-on attachment.)
Stylized motif embellishments

Features Include:
3/8” width (top to bottom)
Woven construction for extended strength
Affordable price
Low quantity requirements

These labels are the perfect addition to any garment and offer beauty and refinement at an extremely affordable price. Imported from Europe, so please allow approx. 4-8 weeks for delivery times. 

Contact one of our helpful customer service representatives for even more information about our completely customizable brand labeling products, and all of our fabric label selections.