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Thanks for visiting the Thirty Seven West website, we’re glad you’re here. By using Thirtysevenwest.com, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS CONDITIONS OF USE, LEGAL NOTICES, PRIVACY POLICY, and all terms and conditions that appear elsewhere on the website (including any subdomains and blogs).

Thirtysevenwest.com is a website that provides information on and sells various personalized products made for both personal and commercial use. The products and services offered by Thirty Seven West (“Thirty Seven West,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) include the Thirty Seven West website located at any subdomain of Thirtysevenwest.com, including blog.thirtysevenwest.com, and any features, content, applications, or promotions occasionally offered by Thirty Seven West in connection with the Thirty Seven West website.

Terms May Change
Thirty Seven West reserves the right to update or change the Terms of Use provided here without prior notice. We encourage you to review our Terms of Use whenever you visit the site or purchase products from it.

Site Use
The Thirty Seven West website is available for users to view, read, and purchase products, as well as share opinions and feedback based on purchases. The resources available on the site, including e-mail, phone, and address contact information exists to help serve our customers better. Harassment in any manner or form on or of the site, including via e-mail, comment, mail, phone, or by any obscene and abusive language or action is strictly forbidden. Impersonation of another user, employee, representative, or any other visitor is strictly prohibited. Any content posted by users that is deemed to be offensive to other visitors, employees of Thirty Seven West, or other staff members, will be removed immediately.

Comments, Feedback, and Any Other Submissions
We welcome all comments, feedback, and any other submissions from visitors and customers, including notes, messages, e-mails, letters, phone calls, ideas, suggestions. This information shall be and remain property of Thirty Seven West and may be used to create content for our website, e-mail or mail promotions or alerts, or to improve our services to you. We reserve the right to republish, reproduce, and distribute any material you submit without restriction and without contract to compensate you in any way. If there is any information that you do not wish to make public, concerning the overall submission of comments or feedback, please do not send the information to us via e-mail, website comment, phone, mail, or in any other manner.

Pricing Policy
Thirty Seven West reserves the right to change the prices and offers available on our website without prior notice.

The Thirty Seven West website attempts to display product images, quality, and colors as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your monitor will match the actual product color, since all monitors offer different qualities of visibility.

Errors or Inaccuracies
We strive to provide accurate information on our website, but do sometimes make mistakes. The Thirty Seven West website is not responsible for any typographical errors that may mislead customers concerning a product’s description or its price. In addition, we may also change information on the site, such as product availability. Any errors will be corrected when discovered. Thirty Seven West reserves the right to revoke any stated offers or products and correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions.

Term; Termination
This agreement shall remain applicable and in use while you use the Thirty Seven West website and/or are a customer or user of the website or any of our services, both purchased and free. Thirty Seven West retains the right to terminate your use of our site or ability to order products or request any services at any time, without warning, for a specific reason or no reason at all.

All content, including wording, product descriptions, product photos, website graphic elements, logos, and any other information on the website is property of Thirty Seven West and cannot be redistributed by any user for commercial profit. Information may be redistributed, providing that the user credits Thirty Seven West with full ownership and creative rights to the material in question.

Enforcement of Terms and Conditions
By visiting and using the thirtysevenwest.com website, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined, as well as all applicable laws, as governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Georgia, United States of America. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in forbidden use of the site, its services, and all contact with Thirty Seven West and its users, as well as immediate legal action, should it be necessary.