Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Who is Thirty Seven West? What do you offer? 

Thirty Seven West delivers fully customizable labels and unique logo ribbon at prices that reflect the value of the service we are offering you.  Sort of like a design firm, only much more reasonable. With our

extensive experience in the label and ribbon industry, we know what it takes to transform a logo into a work of art that reflects who you are and your company’s values and story.

We offer and deliver fully customized, completely woven clothing labels and custom logo ribbons of professional quality and no compromise. 

Our custom ribbons are of finest quality, exceptional satin sheen and luxurious textured fabrics. We offer all types of ribbons that you need - satin, grosgrain, cotton, wire-edged, matte, organza, etc. We have a large selection of unique ribbons if you are looking for something outstanding and different.

Our custom woven labels are the best in their class. We will create a woven piece of art for a lifetime of your creation. Our printed labels are kind of cheeky too :)

If you need more labels or bulk orders with your own unique label designs, our custom woven labels are perfect for you! Your labels will be custom woven with your logo and Pantone colors, customized to your specifications and design.

For smaller label quantities, we offer our Semi-Custom Woven Labels and our Boutique Labels. With semi-custom woven labels you can select from our available sizes, fonts and colors and then personalize with your text. 

Our Boutique Labels are pre-designed with fun themes and designs you can choose from, and just add your text to personalize it. 

  • With the expansion of our product line, we offer about anything you need for your brand image, and personalized needs. (i.e. corrugated boxes, pets’ collars and leashes, lanyards, bows, elastic bands etc.) Just let us know what you need, and we will get them for you!


2. Hi, I want Custom Logo Ribbon. How can I place an order?

You can place an order the way it’s most convenient to you.   However, we are available to accept and accommodate your order via phone, email or through our website  

We ask that you start by filling out the quotation request form that we will review and offer any suggestions that we feel are pertinent to your situation.  For instance, if we think there is another ribbon style that might be just perfect for you, we will simply mention it to you for consideration. If you want to choose your original, then we are happy to handle that for you.

Our dedicated specialists are ready and available to help you with your designs, inquiries, and custom needs. We make sure to respond to every order we receive in a timely manner.

Simply send us your logo, select the ribbon size most suitable for your project, choose your ribbon color, quality and imprint color or colors. Select the spacing of your choice between imprints.

Need a more durable or washable ink? Ask us! We specialize in durable and washable inks that won’t peel, rub, or fade to keep the integrity of your logo and your impression remains pristine. Rather than being distracted by the print rubbing off, they will be impressed with the tenacity of your ink. Their impression will not be disrupted by noticing the compromised quality which is a reflection of your company.

Double Faced Satin, Single Faced Satin, Matte Textured Ribbon, Grosgrain and special orders are all available. Highest quality luxurious logo ribbon comes on a continuous roll. We generally include a free upgrade from single face satin to double face satin.

Custom Pantone (PMS) Color Matching Service is available for your brand. 

For Pantone matching Ribbon -

For Two Color or Multi color Logo Ribbon -

If you need any help in finding the right ribbon for your needs, Call us 770 776 9578


3. Can you rush products? - How soon will I receive my order?

Our standard production time is 3-5 weeks (6 weeks during busy seasons during the year) plus shipping time. But if you need it sooner, please let us know and we can quote you what your rush order will be, with associated rush fees. 

The typical delivery time is 3-5 weeks. Faster than this is a rush. Be sure to let us know when you need it so we can get it to you - on time! We know things get busy and we will work with you to make it happen! Rush charges will apply.


4. What is the minimum amount I can order?

Custom Logo Ribbon: The minimum order quantity for our custom logo ribbon depends on the ribbon tier selected (ribbon print quality) for your order. Our Tier 1 and 3 have a minimum of 100 yds, Tier 2 is minimum of 300 yds.

For our custom woven labels, the minimum order is 250 pcs. Fully Custom Woven Labels typically come in quantities of 250, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000, and 100,000+ pieces per order.

If a Custom Woven Label is what fulfills your needs, to get a real pulse on what you need, and to coach you to help you discover your most ideal solution, fill out the QRF (Quotation Request form):

Each Custom Order is unique, therefore once you’ve submitted your QRF, we can better give you a quote that should be accurate - when we have all the info ready to go from you and there are no changes from the original data submitted. Please be prepared to tell us your target budget and approximately how many labels you want. 


5. What type of fabrics are used for Custom Woven Tags Labels? - What fabric do you use for your labels?

Our Custom Woven Tags Labels come with a choice of the highly recommended Damask, Satin and Taffeta fabrics.


6. Hi, I want to order Custom Printed Labels. Can you please assist me?  

Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible so that we can reach you as soon as we receive you quote request form.

Custom Printed Labels, Customized Printed Labels ( 


7. What type of fabrics are used for Custom Printed Tags Labels? 

Our Custom Printed Tags Labels come with a choice of cotton, satin, and grosgrain fabrics.


8. Hi, I am looking for Personalized Ribbon and Customized Ribbon. - What types of ribbon material I can order?

You can choose from our finest quality of satin, grosgrain, cotton, matte, organza, wire-edged ribbons. 

We also accept orders for plain ribbon, just let us know your Pantone colors and we have a wide stock of available colors to choose from, or we can also custom dye the ribbon to match your PMS color.

We offer the highest quality personalized ribbon that will truly brighten up the lives of those who receive it. We are ready to work with your logo or artwork to create a truly unique product and experience. We print your Personalized Ribbon or custom ribbon to deliver the full impact of your logo or message.

Please check the link to get more details:

Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible so that we can reach you as soon as we receive your quote request form.


9. We are looking for customized logo ribbons for our business branding needs. Do you have Any? 

Yes, we offer custom branding ribbons for company events. Please check the below link to get more details.


10. Do you have any non-personalized ribbon to add to a wrapped package with a fetching ribbon?

Yes, we provide you with a selection of satin ribbon, grosgrain, gingham, and wire edge ribbon in plain and patterned choices. From polka dots and pompoms to dinosaurs and hearts, we’ve got it all. Please check the below link to get more details.


11. Hi, I am looking for pet collars. - Can I order anything other than ribbons and labels?

Yes, you can. We also offer custom logo pet collars and leashes, corrugated boxes, elastic bands, lanyards, bows, etc. Anything customizable for your brand image!

We have Custom Pet Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, and Accessories with Logo with One Color, Two Color, Color, and Multi Color Design are the ultimate pet wear. Please check the below link to get more details.

Upon Receipt of your order - we will produce a graphic layout, based on the details you enter on the quotation form below, and email it for you for approval before production is started. Please fill out the form. We will contact you shortly with a Quote for your Custom Pet Accessories with Multi color and Two Color Design or Logo!


12. Hi, I want to order custom labels.

We are providing different type of custom labels to our customer (i.e. Children’s Personalized Labels, Knitting labels, Personalized Sewing labels). . Please check the below link to get more details.


13. I want to see the sample photo for customized printed ribbons?

Please check the below link for examples of holiday gift wrap ideas.

If you would like to sample of other work, you can see many pictures on the website, or we can email you pictures more targeted to your specific needs.


14. Where are you from? How can we contact you?

You contact us via Email or Phone, or the contact us for online: Email US ( and we’ll be pleased to help you with any questions you may have to make this your best shopping experience ever!


15. Can you please notify me, if you have any specials offers or discounts?

We value your business so we go the extra mile to help you with your design and your budget. We can see options that can best work for both of us without compromising the quality of our product. We want to maintain a long lasting relationship with each of our customers.

Please click the link and subscribe to our newsletter.


16. Where I can find the products for different occasions?

Please use the below link to find the product for different occasion.


17. Where I can find the shop by Product?

Please check the below link.


18. How do I make payment?

Payments we accept are Credit Card, Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer (the method of payment required is dependent on the value of your order, and we will advise if a Wire Transfer is required). We need full payment (including rush fees, if any) to be paid before production. Once we receive the payment, we place the order. 

For Credit Cards, we send an invoice via PayPal, and you click the link and pay with any card, you do not need a PayPal account. For ACH and Wire Transfers, we will provide bank information when ready to proceed with payment.

Thirty Seven West is not responsible for any delays imposed due to full payment and/or rush fees not being paid on the date/time specified to meet the delivery deadline date. Please note, the longer the delay could potentially result in a higher $ rush fee (if applicable) and missed deadlines. 

Thirty Seven West is not liable and/or responsible for any postal delays imposed by the postal Provider or any other factors (e.g. Government shutdowns, strikes, severe weather conditions etc.).


19. Can you deliver any sample of your products? - Can I get a sample before production?

If you would like samples of work we have done, we are happy to send those free of charge, we only charge for the shipping of the samples to you.

Where a Customer requests a pre-production sample scan it will extend the timeline by approximately 5-10 business days. Where a Customer requests a pre-production physical sample (i.e. the ribbon/label is printed or woven and shipped to the customer) this will extend the timeline by approximately by several weeks therefore this should be considered by the Customer when ordering.