Custom Woven Labels - Low Minimum Quantities

Custom Woven Labels - Low Minimum Quantities

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Custom Woven Labels – we offer 3 choices, including:
1. Custom Woven Tags and Labels         
2. Semi-Custom/Personalized Fabric Clothing Labels         
3. Boutique labels/Custom Sew In Cloth Tags and Labels

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Here is a quick summary of more Custom Woven Labels:

Fully Custom Woven Labels typically come in quantities of 250, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000, and 100,000+ pieces per order. If a Custom Woven Label is what fulfills your needs, to get a real pulse on what you need, and to coach you to help you discover your most ideal solution, fill out the QRF (Quotation Request form): 

Each Custom Woven Label is unique, therefore once you’ve submitted your QRF, we can better give you a quote that should be accurate - when we have all the info ready to go from you and there are no changes from the original data submitted. If you have any questions about our quality and/or prices, please ask. We welcome opportunities to make sure you are getting a great deal from us considering quality, customer service and our partnership with you. You’ll get the best option based on your branding needs and keeping your budget in mind.

Are smaller quantities (i.e. 50+) labels more suited for your needs at the moment? Or a more budget friendly option?   Please check out our Semi-Custom Woven Labels and our Boutique Labels.

We developed our semi-custom line to fulfill the needs of our clients who wanted smaller quantities and the same professional custom quality without needing to commit to high minimum requirements.  With our Semi-Custom Labels/Personalized Fabric Clothing Labels, you select from our sizes, fonts, and colors. Then you personalize your text for your labels.  This is to facilitate easy on line ordering so we can keep the prices and quantities down for you.  Graphic elements, including logos, icons, shapes, or any images can be added to our Semi-Custom Woven Labels for additional charges, contact us for those additional charges. Please see our Semi-Custom Woven Labels at: personalized-fabric-clothing- labels-50-labels/

Our Boutique Woven Labels/ Custom Sew In Cloth Tags and Labels are predesigned with lots of fun options!  They start with a minimum of 50 pieces per order.  We are proud to offer a line that includes our unique fun themes and designs and allows our clients to add their own text to personalize the labels – woven in – not printed on!  Select from our various designs and add that fun, interesting, personal touch to your products - without the cost of designing a Custom Woven Label.  Please view our selection here: label-boutique-50-labels/

Please be prepared to tell us your target budget and approximately how many labels you want.  We enjoy “putting on your hat” to work with you to create the perfect branding solution for your company. It’s as economical an advertising budget as you can work with for your label - to do its word of mouth advertising. Your label is your business card everywhere your product goes! Whether you have fine fabrics, or strong tough fabrics, we have the labels for you!

 Let us know your vision for your labels and how we can best assist you. Please keep in mind that we also manufacture it all, from the simplest hangtag to the most elaborate, or unique, or noticeable.  Let us know any concerns you have about this process. We want to take the "oops" out of this part of your business and make sure you make the most sound investment you can for you and your business needs.  We are looking forward to working with you.