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Custom Woven Tags and Labels

In the world of business and marketing comes different strategies of product promotion and owning names for company's identity as it brings its own mark of excellence and quality. With man's never ending fight for excellence is the birth of Mad Men Era, a Cambrian explosion of brands that is now formally defined as modern marketing.

Now, brands are considered to be one of the most important intangible asset that links a company's product and sentimental perception of the target markets for the purpose of generating difference among competitors while building relationships, patronage, and loyalty between customers.

To carry the company's brand is the creation of labels, a significant tool attached to a product with the objective of generating segregation among other competition along its information on the product's origin. A simple practical solution yet a very strong and effective marketing means.

Custom Woven Tags and Labels serve as an important element to any clothing product. It carries the company's brand name as it boasts the quality and value of the products offered to the market. Woven labels are one of the most economical and effective ways of branding and labeling clothes.

At Thirty Seven West, we have the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly customer service professionals to assist you and offer you solutions for your custom woven tags and labels needs.

Our Custom Woven Tags Labels come with a choice of the highly recommended Damask, Satin and Taffeta fabrics.

Damask is a name derived from the city of Damascus first appeared in mid-14th century in Western Europe. It is a soft fabric commonly used for babies' garments and one of the most durable fabrics in the industry. It lasts long from constant wash and weather resistant as well. Highly recommended for clothing labels, whether you are using beautiful fine fabrics or using strong, touch fabric, or anything in between.

Satin is a fabric that was only used by upper classes during the Middle Age.  Its name is derived from the city of Quanzhou.  It is a soft and shiny fabric commonly used in apparels like baseball jackets, shorts, women's lingerie, sleepwear, evening gowns, boxer shorts and neckties.

Taffeta is a Persian word that means twisted woven. It is a high-end fabric interesting for labels that require artsy look and feel. It is widely used for corsets, curtain interiors and linings.


Unsure of which fabric to choose for your custom woven tags and labels? Please take a tour  to see our wide range of high quality, carefully made custom woven labels found in this site or leave us a message! We are most eager to assist you!


Custom Quality Woven Labels for Clothing

Product Reviews

Written by Lynda on 12th Oct 2021

Amazing customer service and quality product.

They had my records from 5 years ago so they could be sure my order was an exact duplication. Order arrived sooner than the anticipated arrival date.

Written by Colleen on 15th Sep 2021

Excellent company!

Customer service is above and beyond. They are patience and very thorough. Communication was clear and timely. Plus the labels are exactly what I hoped and I had never ordered labels before! They are extremely helpful and I can't say enough about them!

Written by Paige on 15th Jul 2021

I look forward to seeing them stitched into my bag!

The team at Thirty Seven West was very responsive, knowledgeable and willing to walk me through the process. As someone who knew little about labels, they educated me and ensured I was able to find just what I was looking for.

Written by Rachel on 9th Jul 2021

I ordered woven labels for work, and not only were they extremely helpful with the layout, but the labels arrived before the due date, and better than expected and they look beautiful.

I would definitely be ordering from them again.

Written by Deladem on 8th Jul 2021

Working with Thirty Seven West was simply delightful.

They are so thorough and precise, friendly and professional, empathetic and sincere. There was never any ambiguity about my order, and they were exceptionally communicative from start to finish. I would highly recommend Thirty Seven West!

Written by Bria on 18th Nov 2020

I have received the labels and so far so good

I am the owner of a small business within the apparel and fashion industry and Thirty Seven West really guided me in the right direction to create a clean and modern label for our clothing line. Thank you, Linda & Orchid for your help and guidance!

Written by Audrey on 22nd Jul 2020

Wonderful experience and outstanding quality!

Wonderful experience with Thirty Seven West! I ordered custom woven garment labels and the quality was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Great customer service and attention to details from the very beginning to when they arrived. I highly recommend this company!

Written by Nathagaraba on 6th Feb 2020

Thank you so much!

Excellent price and service. Very high quality labels!

Written by David on 19th Sep 2019

I've been getting my custom sew in labels here for years.

The staff here is the best and make the whole transaction effortless. Thank you Thirty Seven West for being such a great group to work with.

Written by Rene on 10th Jun 2019

We have enjoyed working with Thirty Seven West for over a decade.

Excellent services and products. Highly recommend, Rene, owner, Janiebee Nap Mats

Written by Scott on 21st May 2019

Love our labels!

Everything came out great and we especially love the little drawers our main logo label came in! ='.'=

Written by Takiyah on 7th May 2019

I LOVE them

I placed my first order for garment labels with Thirty Seven West 6 years ago. They have an unprecedented level of customer service that makes you feel like you're the ONLY customer. Thank you ladies for your attention to detail and personalized service over the years. As long as I make garments and need garment labels, you're stuck with me for life :-)