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For as long as I can remember, the smell of fabrics has wafted in the air around me, and the zest for creativity has pulsed through my family’s veins from generation to generation. Starting with my grandparents who ran fabrics stores all my life, one in Marietta Square at, you guessed it!  37 West Park Square! (Sounds familiar?) :-) and one in Toco Hills, the love for textile began. In the 1960’s my father continued the tradition with a label company, where I first worked. I can fondly recall how the cloths tickled my nose, but what I love most is how the rich hues and textured fabrics stir up creativity in me.

I took my passion and turned it into my life. I started my own label business in the early 1990’s and added custom logo ribbons. Since then, I have lived and breathed labels and ribbons, making my dream a reality by helping others and making their artwork come to life! Labels and custom logo ribbons offer me an artistic outlet, while providing entrepreneurs and small business owners, like yourself, a functional, affordable way to brand your creations.

It brings me great joy and satisfaction to know that I can help bring a personal touch and a crucial marketing piece to my client’s products. I have always expected great value and professional quality and believe in offering the same. It is my mission at Thirty Seven West to deliver fully customizable labels and logo ribbons at the best prices. With my extensive experience in the label and ribbon industry, I know what it takes to transform a label and logo ribbon into a woven piece of art for a lifetime of your creation. It’s not just a logo; it’s your name, your passion.

My specialty is taking your artwork and successfully converting it to woven fabric for the lifetime of your creation.

My niche is mostly small and medium size designers and manufacturers although I give the same personal touch and attention to worldwide corporations such as Louis Vuitton, Bisou Bisou and senior managers for Martha Stewart.

I deliver fully customized, completely woven clothing labels and custom logo ribbons of professional quality. No compromise. I have always believed we remember the quality and service more than we remember the price, though we are proud to be priced extremely competitively in the market.

Since the inception of my business our growth has been in the positive range of 5-11%. The main reason for positive growth is due to our excellent customer service as well as repeat and referral business from our many valued clients. I personally stand behind the quality service you will receive from our company. Your order will contain contact information for you to reach me personally should you have any questions.


Additionally in the future we will be setting up our Referral Program to give you rewards for referring your contacts and friends, allowing them to take advantage of our highly competitive prices and quality attention to detail.

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