Wardrobe and Costume Custom Woven Labels

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Wardrobe labels, costume labels, and choir robe labels.  Looking for that almost perfect solution at a reasonable cost?Custom Wardrobe labels for costumes on stage can be dyed to match costumes so they are less visible on the garment on stage but readily visible when you need to make quick changes.  We cannot guarantee that your labels will match your costume when you are dying them, however we are more than happy to send out FREE samples for you to test.
Our labels for this purpose are made of special yarns to increase the chance of being dyeable to match your garment.
Usually wardrobe labels are 2 x 3".  You can certainly get smaller ones which cost less.
Keep in mind how much space you will need to write on your label with a fabric pen or laundry marker. 
One client used a Sharpie.  I would let that be the deciding factor on the size you need.
Please see our layouts for this uniquely useful label.

Custom Woven Clothing Labels

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