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Custom Printed Tags and Labels

In the world of business and marketing comes different strategies of product promotion and owning names for company's identity as it brings its own mark of excellence and quality. With man's never ending fight for excellence is the birth of Mad Men Era, a Cambrian explosion of brands that is now formally defined as modern marketing.

Now, brands are considered to be one of the most important intangible asset that links a company's product and sentimental perception of the target markets for the purpose of generating difference among competitors while building relationships, patronage, and loyalty between customers.

To carry the company's brand is the creation of labels, a significant tool attached to a product with the objective of generating segregation among other competition along its information on the product's origin. A simple practical solution yet a very strong and effective marketing means.

Custom Printed Tags and Labels serve as an important element to any clothing product. It carries the company's brand name as it boasts the quality and value of the products offered to the market. Printed labels are an effective ways of branding and labeling clothes.

At Thirty Seven West, we have the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly customer service professionals to assist you and offer you solutions for your custom printed tags and labels needs.

Our Custom Printed Tags Labels come with a choice of cotton, satin, and grosgrain fabrics.



Custom Printed Cotton Logo Labels

Product Reviews

Written by Jane P. on 23rd Jan 2023

B’nai Mitzvah for labels into the yarmulkes

The B’nai Mitzvah was in April, and thanks to the ingenuity of my granddaughter, we hot glued the labels into the yarmulkes I made (all 80 of them). The finished product was fantastic. The labels were exactly as I had hoped and please note I have recommended you to anyone I thought of that may need your products. You were so wonderfully easy, pleasant to work with, and your timely responses were remarkable. Thank you so much for keeping in touch… next project needing labels is not for a couple of years (the bar mitzvah of Matthew and Lindsay’s younger brother). Your work is so great as well as the ordering and timeliness of having the product! Speaking to you then….. Jane P.

Written by Myles on 2nd Sep 2021

My business partners and I love the labels. We can't wait to add them to our clothing. We hope to conduct more business in the near future.

They were very professional and thorough. They delivered a great product and gave plenty of updates to make sure I was satisfied. 100% recommend.