Fabric Only! No Paper! Scissor Ribbon to Protect your Sewing Scissors

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Fabric Only!  No Paper! Ribbon for Sewing Shears and Crafting Scissors

3/8" wide x about 13 1/4" long
Available in Candy Apple Red, Gerbera Daisy Hot Pink, Tanzanite Blue, Caribbean Blue, and Vanilla Bean
Scissors are not included.

“Step AWAY from the fabric scissors, AND NO ONE GETS HURT”
“Touch the scissors and you will die”

Sound familiar? :)

A famous saying goes, “Right tools in the right hands, will create a right product”. A scissor is the most important tool for a designer, craft person or a clothier. When someone uses it anywhere else but fabric, it just gets ruined. Paper or any other material has different cellulose. To save your favorite pair of scissors, try one of  these brightly colored ribbons with the not so subtle (lol)  message of “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY FABRIC SCISSORS”.  They will catch any eye and what a fun way to say it without “saying” it “out loud” with a booming voice!  No more keeping an eye out for predators! Hurrah!  

You don’t need to be Gucci, Prada, or Versace to want to keep your scissors safe!  A stay at home mom, a budding designer, someone who love crafts, or you are a small specialty shop around the corner, we know you put your heart and soul into every project.   Every day, you strive to make one little difference in the lives of those around you.  It’s just not possible without a good pair of shears. They are your sword! And you must protect them!  AND keep the peace!  And walk in love!  After all, sewing and crafts are all about LOVE…aren’t they?

Once Mother Teresa rightly said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

If you have ever cut fabric or ribbon, you know to follow that old famous advice:  "Measure twice, cut once!"  The most expensive ingredient in most home décor projects is the fabric and you'll end up wasting it if you don't have good quality cutting tools. Don't skimp on the most important tool in your sewing basket, a good pair of scissors! It really is worth it to buy the very best you can afford and protecting them is such a simple investment for a lifetime! They are as crucial as any hammer, wrench, or screwdriver!

In our office, we marked our "ribbon" scissors with "a brightly colored piece of ribbon tied on the handle" specifically to indicate "Ribbon and Fabric Only" scissors.  Check this out for a wee bit of domestic humor that helped me remember I'm not the only one who needs to indicate "THE" pair of scissors to "Never use on paper - or Die", you know what I mean :)  Jenna has red ribbon and I have hot pink ribbon so we know whose is whose! You would think she sews the way she protects those scissors! lol  She uses them to cut ribbon samples for our customers and we are persnickety what those cuts look like!

Here are some quips and comments I enjoyed that confirm my thought of this being a useful item for any crafter or sewer of fabrics or ribbons....


I mark all my shears and scissors "FABRIC ONLY"! Everyone knows how crazy I get about people using my scissors and shears...

I did see my hubby reaching for them one time when I was at the computer.. and I yelled out "OH NO YOU DON'T" and he looked at me like I was out of my mind... I then quietly said to "get one of the other pairs.. never those."

I always put my shears and scissors back where they belong, so of course, everyone knew where to go for them when they needed to cut something. So, I machine embroidered a lovely sampler I framed and hung above where I keep my best cutting tools. It reads: Touch these scissors and die! I still remember my young son's face as he came out of my sewing studio the day after I hung that sampler. He had a concerned look and said, "You're just kidding, Mom, right?" I gave him my best stern look and said, "No!" As far as I know, that was the last time he went in there to use the 'good' scissors!

I had to have a talk with the family about how important my shears are to me and why i bought kitchen scissors for all their other stuff.

My children would probably tell you that they grew up with the threat of a long, painful death if they ever used my good shears to cut anything. Even my husband would look at me and say things like, it's just this little tag or piece of paper or whatever. I can still hear the words, "Don't you dare", coming out of my mouth. Needless to say, nobody died and I still have my good pair of shears after all these years!
Take care of those shears and they will be an heirloom to pass down!
Want to use these scissor ribbons as a fund raiser?  Contact us and we will work something out with you.


Fabric scissors Fabric Only ribbon to protect your scissors

Product Reviews

Written by Lisa M on 20th Feb 2018

OMG! FINALLY! A way to protect my sewing scissors!

I am so excited about the “fabric only” ribbons you are producing! Scissors are so important is the sewing world! They are a pricy investment and the need to identify them easily is critical. Your product is cutting edge! (pun intended).